Barry Silverstein

Who is the REAL Barry Silverstein?

There's only one Barry Silverstein. Well, not really. There are at least two that I know of (not including several more in the world who may have the same name but aren't the real me).

One Barry Silverstein is an accomplished freelance writer. The other Barry Silverstein is an accomplished brand marketer. Curiously, they are the same person. So if you're looking for one, or the other, or both — you'll find what you need to know about him — or them — right here.

  • Barry The Writer

    Barry the writer is the author of numerous non-fiction books about brands, marketing, and small business. He writes brand and marketing commentary, feature articles, book reviews and more for select clients. And novels, just for fun. Learn more about Barry the writer here.
  • Barry The Marketer

    Barry the marketer is a brand marketing strategist who ran his own direct and Internet marketing agency for twenty years. He teaches an online brand course and consults with select clients on strategic marketing projects. Learn more about Barry the marketer here.